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Involuntary / Assisted Admission

To have a loved one involuntarily admitted for treatment as per the Mental Health Care Act 17 of 2002, the MHCU04 form is relevant

MHCA04 Form

Reporting Abuse / Neglect in Mental Health Care Facility

To report an incident of abuse or neglect within the mental health care system or services and to be submitted to the Mental Health Review Board in the respective province as per the Mental Health Care Act 17 of 2002, the MHCA02 form is relevant

MHCA02 Form

Unfair Dismissal / Unfair Labour Practice / Unfair Discrimination in the Workplace

Referring a dispute for conciliation (including con-arb) to the CCMA, the LRA Form 7.11 of the Labour Relations Act 1995, Sections 133, 135,191(1) and 191(5A) is relevant

CCMA Dispute Con-Arb Form