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December 7, 2015

WHO: Recovering from mental illness with dignity - Interview with Charlene Sunkel

Charlene Sunkel, SAFMH Programme Manager for Advocacy & Awareness, giving an interview at the World Health Organisation in October 2015. 


An estimated 350 million people are affected by depression around the world. Some 21 million are affected by schizophrenia. Despite this considerable burden, the stigmatization that is still associated with mental illness prevents many people from seeking help. In this short video, Charlene Sunkel, from South Africa, speaks of her experience of mental health services following a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and the challenges she had to overcome in her quest for an effective treatment and understanding of her condition. Gary Seery, from Ireland, explains how sport helped him to overcome depression.

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WHO: Recovering from mental illness with dignity World Health Organisation